No more space in projects!! | No project = No extra credit

Membership Is Important!

Cal State LA's very own chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery takes care of its members in more ways then one! We do our best to keep you updated on special events as well as ongoing club activities. Here are a few key benefits that you could take advantage of by becoming a member of ACM today!


  • Develop skills with Project experience through workshops
    [No more space left in workshops! Sorry.]
  • Internship & Scholarship Opportunities
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Opportunity to receive ACM Scholarship Spring 2019
  • ACM Mentorship Program (Deadline passed)
  • Resume/Internship workshops
  • Tutoring for CS classes.
  • Conference opportunities/Tech companies' tours
  • Networking: Meet with other fellow CS Cal State LA students.
  • Volunteer Opportunities (Letter reflecting volunteer hours will be provided if requested)
  • Loyalty Card Program (Deadline passed)

Please note that some of these benefits are only available on a first come first serve basis. So make sure to sign up as soon as possible! Remember, if you missed this years deadlines, there is always next year!

How do I Become A Member?

Excellent question! First thing to do is to decide what membership you would like to purchase.


$5 Annual Membership:

  • You get membership to the club and all the benefits listed above!

$10 Annual Membership:

  • You get the same benefits of a $5 membership
  • You receive a Metal ACM card:
  • Membership Card
  • And you receive an ACM Graphic T-shirt:
  • ACM shirt

Next, you follow these two steps! Its that simple!

Step 1: Pay for membership

Google Pay Venmo

PLEASE "Pay as a friend" if you're using PayPal

Step 2: Complete Application:

[Note: Upload invoice from Step 1]

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