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Becoming a MemberACM

Here is where you can sign up for ACM!

This semester we will only be accepting online payments from paypal. Please note that there are NO REFUNDS and that membership DOES NOT guarantee project space.

Step 1: Pay Here BEFORE starting membership application!

If you would rather pay in cash, please visit our office hours here!

Step 2: Membership Sign up to be completed AFTER payment

Don't forget to follow us on discord after signing up!

why should I Join?

Your chance to acquire real-life experience outside of the class...

Classes aren't enough to give your practical experience once you hit the work-force. California State Los Angeles's very own chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery takes care of its members in more ways then one. We do our best to keep you updated on special events as well as ongoing club activities. Here are a few key benefits that you could take advantage of by becoming a member of ACM today.

Club Incentives

  • ________________________________________________________
  • ❖ Develop skills with Project experience through Intensive Workshops
  • ❖ Internship & Scholarship Opportunities
  • ❖ Opportunities to get Involved & to be a Leader
  • ❖ Resume/Internship workshops
  • ❖ Tutoring for CS classes
  • ❖ Conference Opportunities/Tech companies' tours
  • ❖ Networking Opportunities
  • ❖ Volunteer Opportunities
  • ❖ Loyalty Card Program (Spring 2018/2019)
  • ________________________________________________________

Please make sure to check the calendar to ensure no deadlines are missed.

how do I join?

How do I get involved?

The club holds many events throughout the semester. However, one of most important experiences is being involved with the workshops. To get the most benefits off being a member of the club - make sure to meet deadlines. Be aware that workshop space is very limited, so don't miss the first meeting of each semester (check the calendar for more details).

5$ membership

  • ❖ Opportunity to join hands-on work shops - access to all equipment.
  • ❖ Complementary pizza every meeting.
  • ❖ Access to all presentations with speakers from companies like google, NASA, LA County, and more!
  • ❖ Tutoring/Extra credit opportunities.

Loyalty Card Program

Our Loyalty Card Program will provide members of ACM with a stamp card that they can use to earn extra credit in their CS classes.

You will be provided with a loyalty card which looks like the image below. To earn stamps, you must attend 6 of the workshops that will take place throughout the semester.

Loyalty Card

Classes that qualify for Extra Credit

  • ❖ CS 1010 - Richard Cross
  • ❖ CS 1222 - Randa Moss
  • ❖ CS 2012 - Keenan Knaur
  • ❖ CS 2013 - Keenan Knaur
  • ❖ CS 3035 - Mark Sargent
  • ❖ CS 3112 - Jung Lim
  • ❖ CS 3220 - Chengyun Sun
  • ❖ CS 3801 - All Sections
  • ❖ EE 3445 - All Sections

The last day to sign up for this program was Sunday, February 17th. If you have any questions, please send us an email.