Cal State LA's Computer Science Club

Our Student Chapter of ACM

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Step-by-step instructions on how to pay:

Google Pay                            Venmo                            PayPal

Benefits of ACM:

  • Develop skills: Project experience + workshops
  • Internship & Scholarship Opportunities
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • ACM Scholarship Spring 2019
  • ACM Mentorship Program
  • Resume/Internship workshops
  • Tutoring for CS and MATH classes.   See classes
  • Conference opportunities/Tech companies' tours
  • Networking: Meet with other fellow CS Cal State LA students.
  • Volunteer Opportunities (Letter reflecting volunteer hours will be provided if needed)
  • Loyalty Card Program

  • Meetings:

    Our first meeting for Fall semester 2018 will be held on August 28th in
    Room: FA 321

    Fall Project #1:


    In this project, students will design a remote controlled car with arduinos and various types of sensors.

    Fall Project #2:

    Social-media Development:

    Students will develop a social media platform using various tools and languages like Java, MySQL, github, maven, etc.